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Client-facing web-sites

Modern web-sites are no longer just a set of static pages. Recent advances in technologies make it much easier and faster to produce dynamic sophisticated web applications. Usually I offer my clients a typical package with free or licensed content management system, social networking features like blog and/or forum and registered members management. However, this is just a foundation to build more industry and client-specific features on: e-commerce solutions (shopping carts, payment systems, etc.), integration with CRM and accountancy software, live chat with the customers and access from mobile devices - just to name a few. 

Line-of-business applications

With all variety of requirements most business applications have the same architecture: web/desktop/mobile based front-end to enter/edit data, database to store this data and one or more intermediate layers. It is these intermediate (business logic) layers that handle everything from data validation to integration with third-party systems. There are a lot of things I could offer to improve productivity of business starting with a simple warehouse tracking software (no more spreadsheets!) to a much more complex systems, built on latest Microsoft technologies/products like Microsoft Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM.

Knowledge management and collaboration

Even very small companies lose precious working time, effiency and subsequently an edge, by spending time doing something they or their colleagues have already done in the past. With the vast amount of information that each business deals everyday with, it is impossible to rely just on human memory. Corporate knowledgebase can solve this problem. Usually these systems come with collaboration tools, that allow not only to store and make searchable certain structured or unstructured information, but also work on it with the whole team. This is another area where I could help, with Sharepoint solutions in particular.

30 November 2013
Bigcommerce template editing
How to change content in templates: guide for a complete newbie.
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09 October 2013
What if Fancybox does not work at all
If Fancybox library does not work, this might be due to the conflicts with other JS libraries and not the syntax error.
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14 October 2012
Fancybox with ASP.NET form on Umbraco
Using ASP.NET form on Fancybox popup to make login window
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