How I work

There are three options to work on your project: 

Completely or almost completely remote work

This is the most cost-effective way to work, because it eliminates the need to spend money on transport and time on travel. However, this does not suit all projects. For example, development of stand-alone piece of software with clear requirements fits perfectly in the remote style of work. On the other hand the need for extensive teamwork and requirements gathering or integration with propriatory systems on-site usually make remote development impossible or ineffective.

Mix of remote and on-site work

This approach takes the best from both worlds and in many cases provides greater flexibility than pure remote or on-site work. With the lower cost of the unit of work done remotely (when it can be done remotely) and possibility to be engaged in client's internal processes (like meetings) when needed, this type of work is the one I recommend to use whereever possible. 

On-site work

The most expensive, but sometimes the fastest way to get job done. In some cases this is the only option if the information needed for development resides on internal servers or needs to be gathered from a number of people inside an organisation. The limiting factors here are the customer's location and the duration of project. Long-term projects too far away from my home (Cheshire, North-West UK) would require a relocation and in most of the cases are not an option. 

 Payment options

  • Per project. Fixed amount of money for the fixed amount of work
  • Per day/hour. Usually this is an option for on-site work. 








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